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The Bashkansky family Chess Travel blog: parents Guy and Ludmila with children NM Ethan and WIM Naomi

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Grand Pacific Open 2018

No losses, one win, two draws with 2300-2400!
The 12th Annual Grand Pacific Open chess tournament took place in Hotel Grand Pacific in Victoria, BC on March 30-April 2, 2018.  We almost always go to this annual tournament. We   just   love   Victoria.

Naomi played in the strongest Premier section, and finished 14th out of 43, a good result.  She has not lost a single game.  Her two draws with 2300-2400 rated players are even more impressive than her one win.

IM Mark Ginsberg (L) has beaten IM Raymond Kaufman in the the most critical game and eventually has won 1st place in the Premier section, along with $1000 and a trophy, presented by organizer Paul Leblanc (R):

2nd - 5th places were shared by Zulfikar Sali (L), Andrew Hemstapat (2L), FM Ian Findlay (C) and WIM Agnieszka Matras-Clement (R), who got $250 each:  

Under 2100 -- Louis Cheng (L), WIM Naomi Bashkansky (R) and Mike Murray (abs.) got $270 each:

Top Women (Courtesy of Goddess Chess) --  WIM Agnieszka Matras-Clement (2L) $125, NM Valeria Gansvind (2R) $100, WIM Naomi Bashkansky (R), Anna Van (U2000 section) $50, Kate Jiang (U1700 section) $25:
Organizer Brian Raymer (L) invited Naomi there, like he did last year.  Thanks to all 3 organizers.

Read organizer Roger Patterson's event report, and Naomi's own writeup: "If you can’t beat them, confuse them".

Beautiful Victoria

A thousand pictures are worth a million words:

Moon and Lighthouse from the Ferry

Hatley Castle

Victoria South Shore

The Butchart Gardens

Round 5

Victoria Inner Harbor

Funny Money