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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Washington State Chess Championship

The local battle
During the two first weekends of February 2016, on the dates of 6-7 and 13-15 (President's Day), the Washington State Chess Championship was gloriously held in Microsoft Building 99 (MS Research):  

Here is the Northwest Chess blog writeup:

In the Challengers Section, Naomi took second place, and Vikram Ramasamy took first:

Feb 15: Naomi vs Vikram

2016-05-20 update -- from

Brilliancy prizes - Brilliancy prizes - Championship: Nick Raptis $100 for his win over Vik Pupols. Premier: David Bragg $100 for his win over Samuel He. Invitational: Neo Olin $100 for his win over Paul Bartron. Challengers: Naomi Bashkansky $100 for her win over Noah Yeo. Details will be published in the July NWC magazine.