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Sunday, August 12, 2012

2012 US Chess Open

Ethan plays better, Naomi is better looking

Girls Stand Out

This outstanding photo of Naomi was taken by Philip Peterson (see his other great photos here) at the 2012 US Chess Open Championship in Vancouver, WA:

He also took this photo of Naomi back in 2010:

And in general, chess girls make the most photogenic images, like this one, with all six nice participants of the 2012 US Women's Open:

Vancouver, WA - Scorched by the Sun

Fort Vancouver, founded by the Hudson Bay Company for fur trade with natives, was a British bid to hold territory to the north of the Columbia River.  However, eventually the US took all the territory up to the 49th Parallel.  And anyway, what would Canadians do with two Vancouvers? ;)

The place was hot, hot, hot on August 5-12.  The black powder, musket and pistol demonstrations were the most memorable.

Fort Vancouver

Canon balls

Musket fire


According to the famous law of big numbers, the larger the experimental sample, the closer its distribution is to the probability theory expected results.

Due to the large number of games and players, this law has obviously affected the players results distribution: ratings are well correlated with final standings:

However, Ethan has played better than his rating, while Naomi hasn’t played as good as she looks ;)


First day photos by a phone camera:

Second day - Fort Vancouver, Portland Aerial Tram:

That night I returned home by Amtrak, leaving the car to my wife and kids in Vancouver.  They spent another week playing chess at the US Open in Vancouver, WA.

Last couple of days: