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Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Anti-Pyrrhic Loss

National Master Peter Lessler (2230) has dedicated the first 5 pages (cover story) of the June 2014 Northwest Chess magazine issue to his game with Naomi (1742) in the first round of the Grand Pacific Open chess tournament, where he eventually won first place!

Peter has chosen his game with Naomi to share with the wide magazine audience for its beauty and depth.  Here is his full article, scanned from the Northwest Chess magazine:

It says in the beginning:

"Despite her 500-point rating deficit, Naomi put up a valiant fight, and aside from a few missed opportunities, the position was drawn until the final moves."

And, 5 pages of mind-boggling chess analysis later, it ends with:

"A stressful game, an interesting game, and a reminder not to take ratings too seriously."

Peter's article instilled such great confidence in Naomi that she won all 3 games in Seattle Chess Club quads on Saturday, June 7 - for the first time!


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